Friday, August 27, 2010

Eating is a Celebration of Life!

Hi All!

So I'm over at my other blog today: Intentional Family, talking about a subject that everyone loves: FOOD.  You might be surprised by how "crunchy" I've really become.  HA!

Hope you all have a terrific start to your weekends!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Army of Women wants YOU.

A few months ago, I joined the Army of Women, a breast cancer research initiative that joins forces with women like you and me to reach their goal of eradicating breast cancer. I received an email from them today explaining a research study in Chicago that incorporates women between the ages of 50-70 who have never been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I am shamelessly using my blog to promote the study tonight - because I love their philosophy of participation. The Army of Women asks women to join in the fight against breast cancer by signing up to be informed of research studies in the regions - and to perhaps participate in one of these studies.

Who knows? You might be able to participate in the research that keeps women alive to snuggle up to their families for the rest of their natural lives. Consider joining the Army.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

NOFO. That's the North Fork to you

Our family vacation this year was just awesome.  We spent 11 days in Mattituck, NY, on the North Fork. We rented kayaks for most of the first week, and the Runner and I took them out every single day, together! Alone!  We did take the Talker on a long kayak excursion (probably a total of 4 miles out and back) to a salt marsh to explore the wildlife there.  So terrific.  The only way it could've been better is if I'd had some chicken necks and string and a bucket for all the blue crabs that would've become an illegal (but delicious) lunch. The Talker's godfather came down for a long weekend, which was a major treat for all of us, especially the Runner.  They went clamming, we ate steamers.  They went out again, we had the BEST clam chowder (Rhode Island style) courtesy of Gramps (and Froggy Gramps, really).

How lucky were we??  Both sets of grandparents took the kids to the Up & Down Horsey in Greenport!  And Miss Rosie found a blueberry bush with enough ripe berries to last her at least a week (and enough to turn her poo bright green. Who knew?!)
There was always a full house, but it made for lots of interesting conversations and late night card games.  and I, of course, got in a ton of knitting with some lovely yarn from Knitche. Very relaxing.We didn't have a single bad beach day, and the Talker took to the water like a slippery, white otter. He even played a bit with his sister. It was a week full to the brim with blessings and family time, and I'm pretty sure it was desperately needed by all of us. We came home renewed and ready for whatever the coming chill holds.  Except maybe for the actual chill part.  At least I would be willing to pass on that. It's possible that these pictures will find their way into a post in January when the snow is six inches deep but the Talker still has school.  Ahhh, sweet home, Chicago.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's been a while...again

I'm not sure what's keeping me from the blog lately.  I think it's a classic case of self-induced pressure + writer's block.  A dear friend of mine reminded me (via her excellent blog, The Traveling Circus) recently that I really shouldn't let perfection be the enemy of good.  I think I fall prey to that logic too often - wallowing in a sometimes-obsessive need for perfection while sitting very still.

If it were New Year's Day, or Lent, I'd have one hell of a resolution.

Perhaps I should just deal with it in real time, though.  Not wait for that golden opportunity to arrive in which I can easily change...I suppose this is because change is likely the toughest challenge we can ever face as individuals.  If you truly want to modify something about the way to face the world - it takes honest-to-God dedication and hard work!  Am I up for that?  If I took the easy way out, I'd wait for Lent.